The Flying University of Transnational Humanities (FUTH)


the Cornell Ithaca campus


from July 10 through 14 in 2016.

The FUTH is a summer workshop for graduate students and postdoctoral junior scholars who join the FUTH to present their papers and discuss them together with other participants at seminars. We are going to organize three seminars this year; each is organized and moderated by a seminar leader. Together with invited lecturers, the seminar leaders will give public lectures that will be open to the general public.

The FUTH was founded by Professor Jie-Hyun Lim of Sogang University in 2010 when still teaching at Hanyang University in Seoul. The Flying University of Transnational Humanities is a consortium of universities, whose members include Hanyang University (South Korea), University of Pittsburgh (USA), University of Leipzig (Germany), National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan), St. Andrews University (UK), University of Tampere (Finland), and Sogang University (South Korea). The name of the Flying University stems from the Polish underground intellectual network, but it also means that the FUTH summer school moves every year from one place to another in the world. It has already been held at Hanyang University, the University of Leipzig, and the University of Pittsburgh. And this year it will be held at Cornell in Ithaca. For the year 2016, I am in charge of this summer school / workshop. In view of the sense of uncertainty surrounding the Humanities today, I have chosen as the main theme “the Future of the Humanities and Anthropological Difference – Beyond the Modern Regime of Translation.”

The FUTH is created for young scholars and graduate students in the Humanities, who must learn how to present their academic works to an international audience and engage in translational exchange of ideas. This year the Collège International de Philosophie and the École des Hautes Études en Science Sociales have decided to collaborate with our project.

Joshua Young of the East Asia Program is in charge of the management of this summer school / workshop. Please contact him at for further inquiry.

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