Energy governance and sectoral trajectories: France and Japan in evolutionary perspective

This workshop brings together scholars researching the energy industry in France and Japan: Maki Umemura (Cardiff University, Michelin Fellow at the EHESS), Takeo Kikkawa (Hitotsubashi University), and many others.

This workshop considers the evolution of the energy industry from a long term perspective. One of the underlying agendas of the event is to reflect upon the past to consider energy transitions in the future. The energy industries of France and Japan are similar in some ways. For example, the governments of both countries have implemented large-scale programmes to support the field; large firms have channelled sectoral development; and both countries had emphasised nuclear as a means to decarbonisation. We think that the comparison of the French and Japanese experiences should interest those who are interested in the history of the energy industry and future energy transitions, in both academia and beyond.


Monday 6 June 2016 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


EHESS (Salle 638, 6ème étage) – 190-198 avenue de France 75013 Paris

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