UCI 2017 Call for Research

The Urban China Initiative (UCI) is a collaborative project of Columbia University, Tsinghua University and McKinsey & Company. Its mission is to find and implement effective solutions to China’s urbanization challenges.

UCI aims to be the source of the best and most innovative solutions to urban development issues in China. To achieve this goal, UCI conducts a grant program to support research concerning China’s urban development and sustainability.

To encourage researchers and practitioners pursuing the topic of sustainable urbanization, the Urban China Initiative accepts research applications on an annual basis for grants up to RMB 100,000. Upon completion of supported research projects, UCI will review successful grants for implementation in pilot programs at the city level in cooperation with local authorities. From 2011 to 2015, UCI successfully granted 31 projects for implementation in innovative researches. (Learn more for UCI Grant Project).

Areas of research

The Initiative supports research on the effectiveness of programs and technologies related to urban development; emerging domestic and global best practices in project design, development, and execution; and paths to successful structural adjustment in China’s cities. Grant-supported research focuses on sustainable urbanization, including but not limited to economic development, public health, energy efficiency, consumer awareness, public finance, industrial policy, migrant labor, urban infrastructure, environmental issues, social development, housing and land, and education.

Type of grants

  • Core Grants (up to RMB 100,000) will be identified as Urban China Initiative projects and will receive research assistance and analytical support from the Initiative in addition to grant funding.
  • Research Grants (up to RMB 50,000) may be used to carry out the grantee’s research proposal, including hiring research assistants, obtaining course relief, and funding travel and per diems.

For selection criteria, timeline and detailed rules, please click to download the Call for research.

How to apply

For inquiries, please contact us at contact@urbanchinainitiative.org or +86(10)-8525-5331.

See the call on the UCI website.


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