Appel “The Asia-Pacific as a strategic region for Europe”

L’appel à projets « The Asia-Pacific as a strategic region for Europe » rentre dans le cadre de la rubrique « Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies » du programme de travail 2016-2017 d’Horizon 2020.


The Asia-Pacific is a large and diverse region, encompassing industrialised countries, emerging economies and developing countries. Perhaps due to this diversity, and save a few specific cases, the European Union has lacked a strategic approach towards the region, despite strong economic interests and heightened security concerns in the area. Several EU Member States have adopted an active bilateral approach towards key partners, but the European Union has mostly failed to speak with one voice in relevant fora. Nowadays the multiple and complex challenges shared by the two regions, ranging from climate change and sustainable development to conventional and non-conventional security challenges, are opening up new opportunities for the EU to become more involved in the region beyond economic cooperation although differences remain in areas like human rights or democratic governance. In order to re-think its role and strategy for the Asia-Pacific, and to fully tap the potential for action at European level, the European Union needs to be supported by sound research showing the concrete implications of further engaging with and in the region in a number of sectorial and geographic areas.

Date limite

  • Jeudi 2 février 2017 à 17 h

Consulter l’appel complet sur le site de la Commission européenne.

Pour toute précision sur cet appel et ce type de programme (Research and Innovation Action),  vous pouvez prendre contact avec Laurent Chatel (, Point de Contact National (PCN) Horizon 2020 pour les SHS, et en particulier pour le défi « Sociétés inclusives, innovantes et réflexives ».

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