Art, Philosophy and the Anthropocene, East and West

Art, Philosophy and the Anthropocene, East and West

Panel proposal to ICAS 11, 16-19 July 2019.

Art historian Christine Vial Kayser (Paris IV-Sorbonne/ Creops and Langarts) and philosopher Testuya Kono (Rikkyo University, Tokyo) are setting up a panel to examine how societal attitudes to the environment, considered – or not– as the property of man (the Anthropocene) are expressed in philosophy and art in Asia and Europe and how the concept of harmony between man and nature as it exists now in Asia and Europe is the result of an exchange between the two continent since the end of the 19th c.

Practical matters

  • Each panel lasts 2 hours. The two panels will be en-suite. We expect 4 to 5 contributions per panel lasting 20 min each, followed by 5 min of Q&A.
  • Please note that ICAS requests a fee of around 80 euros to any contributors.
  • The organisers cannot, unfortunately, provide any financial support to cover this fee, nor any other expenditure.
  • The panel contributions, with possible added invitees, will be published in an electronic format in a peer-reviewed online publication.  

Provisionary contributions

Panel 1

  • Christine Vial Kayser (Paris IV-Sorbonne, Creops et Langarts), Christians entitlement to nature, a case study of Father Coronelli, a Franciscan cartographer in the 17th century.

Panel 2

  • Testuya Kono (Rikkyo University, Tokyo), Japanese gardens and the sense of nature


  • Panels must be constituted with at least two persons to be validated by the Scientific committee by October 10, 2018. The congress will take place in Leiden in July 2019. Participants must indicate the nature of their contribution and a short CV.

More information

Panel proposal to ICAS 11, 16-19 July 2019

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